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( Ajay kumar Media Head )  Emerald News Govt.Registration No: DELHIN28309


Emerald News serves as the premier news web channel in the country, with its president and editor-in-chief Ajay Kumar moving fast in the media industry.
Ajay Kumar founded Emerald News from Rajokri with his father Mr. Harkesh Kumar in April 2015, at which time he was considered one of the best news.
In 2015, Ajay Kumar and Mr. Harkesh set up their production house.
Emerald News, the only Hindi news web channel, is considered "daring" and "different".
The growing popularity of Emerald news.  This is the result of Mr. Ajay Kumar, who is on the solitary path of "Panna news first credibility".  It is the result of the efforts of a self-made man who firmly put both his feet on the ground, a journalist for whom the interest of the audience and the nation has been paramount.
Emerald News is also known for state-of-the-art digital connectivity.


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